F.F.O: Lady Gaga and Madonna

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Yajna is the passionate Swedish singer and songwriter whose work is now attracting international attention. ‘You Are Beautiful’ Yajna’s latest single, released November 1st a gentle yet powerful track..

F.F.O: George Ezra, Jack Johnson, Paulo Nutini

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Reuben George has been likened to Jack Johnson and Paulo Nutini for his bouncy and energetic tracks. Reuben is a free-spirited individual who likes to like a non-conventional lifestyle. His easy-going..

F.F.O: Nick Lowe; Ralph McTell; James Taylor

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Carrie Grant: “Music for Grown Ups”

David Grant: “Beautiful…sounds fabulous”

The second album from Nick Battle in three years, Love is a Long Road, is out now, the follow-up to 2016’s Big Heart and ..