Why It’s Okay to Cry This Valentine’s Day

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February 14th is around the corner, some of you may be excited and others I would imagine are dreading the day or pretending it does not exist altogether! Valentines Day, a supposed day of love, flowe..

Feeling The Chaos? Discover The Artist Who Wants To Prove That Art Really Does Relieve Stress & Motivates – Dmitry Tells All

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The combination of a background in Physics & Maths as well as a PHD focusing on brain and nerve fibre dynamics, may not immediately shout art & emotions to many but read on! Contemporary abstract artist Dmitry has successfully managed to overcome his own personal challenge of analytical control combined with natural emotions to release the power of emotional art. It is as if these two opposite spectrums have collided to create a moment of powerful realisation for Dmitry’s art – he captures a moment and expresses his feelings of harmony between the intangible and the tangible through his ‘Emotional Painting’.

Dmitry is an honest and passionate artist who truly believes that art can help us to create positive and powerful emotions. When we sit in front of a piece of art that magically captures our attention it can ignite so many different emotions translated from the artist to us. The German Expressionist Kandinsky reminded us how ‘The artist must train not only his eye but also his sou..

Chris Andreucci Releases New EP “What Don’t Kill You”

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December 2020 saw the release of Chris Andreucci’s EP, “What Don’t Kill You.” The Scottish musician, signed to Century Music Group, recorded the EP with the hope of moving to Nashville. Featuring prominent session musicians and produced by Taylor Swift’s producer, Justin Courtelyou, the EP perfectly showcases Andreucci’s country sound.

“What Don’t Kill You” is a collection of songs themed around love, loss and forgiveness. The mood ranges from upbeat (“The Only Love That Never Broke My Heart,”) to nostalgic (“Thunderstorms and Rain”) and bittersweet (“Tonight I’m Yours”). The deep tones and soul searching lyrics from the Glasgow-based artist reveal a maturity beyond his 22 years. Country fans will love it!

Words: Annabella

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CAndreucciMusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CAndreucciMusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chris-andreucci
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Celtic folk-rock artist Davie Furey set to release new album ‘Haunted Streets’

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Davie Furey is to release his highly anticipated new album on February 19th. Titled ‘Haunted Streets’, the album speaks volumes to Celtic folk-rock fans across the globe. Featuring 12 tracks of solid songwriting, ‘Haunted Streets’ features some of finest musicians in Ireland. Starring Steve Wickham (The Waterboys), Darren Holden (The High Kings), ELLYD, Susan O’Neill (SON), Clare Sands, Robbie Campion, Martin Quinn, Andrew Quinn and Francie Conway, it’s fair to say that Davie is sure in good company.

Following in the footsteps of his debut album ‘Easy Come, Easy Go‘, ‘Haunted Streets’ exceeds expectations with its authentic sound. For fans of Mark Knopfler, Christy Moore & Steve Earle, Davie’s storytelling throughout is sure to make listeners forget about the world’s toxicity for a while. Stick your headphones on, forget about your worries, and travel into the mind of Davie Furey; his song’s are sure to win your heart.

Listen to second single from the release below.

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Melanie Masson Releases New Single, “Seasons.”

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Melanie Masson has released a new single “Seasons”. The track is a Northern Soul cover of “Seasons” by Future Islands. Produced by the legendary Tristan Longworth, the single boasts an all live performance.

“Seasons” allows Masson to shine with her strong, powerful vocals centre stage. Soft harmonies and a funky brass section create an ultra upbeat, feel-good song. Perfect for lockdown!

Words: Annabella


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialmelaniemasson/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melanie.masson.official/
Website: https://melaniemasson.webador.co.uk/
Spotify: https://ffm.to/seasonsmm
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMelanieMasson/videos

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Metal Sensation ‘In Signs’, deliver a thundering new single ‘Knock Knock’

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One of the best metal songs of the year has just been released, and it hasn’t been written by Metallica or Slipknot, but by the Ukrainian band In Signs. This trio first formed in 2014 as a post-grunge band and only ever played their own self-penned material, such was the calibre of their song writing.

They released 5 infectious singles in 2020, such as ‘Blood for Blood’ which mixed the lightening guitar riffs of Deep Purple with the addictive pop melodies of The Beatles.

“I listened to The Beatles, Oasis, Scorpions, Deep Purple from my childhood, so I believe they were the biggest influences. But I started writing songs being inspired by Three Days Grace who are playing post-grunge; by Dallas Green from City and Colour who are playing indie-folk. I don’t know why but these genres were mixed in my head.” Arsen, In Signs

In Signs have carried on their stupefying run of form with their release of their 2021 single ‘Knock Knock’. This scintillating song begins with sombre vocals that i..

Chris Andreucci releases exhilarating new EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’!

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Chris Andreucci is set to take up the gauntlet laid down by fellow scots Lewis Capaldi and Paolo Nutini, and command radio waves on both sides of The Atlantic. The Glasgow-based Chris managed to bag himself a record deal with the Nashville label ‘Century Music Group’ in 2019, with the label’s president expressing huge admiration for Chris’s pristine musical talents.

Despite not yet releasing a full studio album, Chris has already performed at some of Scotland’s most prestigious venues like the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, where a little band called Oasis were first discovered. 2020 was set to be the year of Chris Andreucci, with plans for major festival dates, as well as his intention to move out to Nashville to try and conquer the American soundwaves, but COVID-19 intervened.

“2020 has been a crazy year. It was set to be a year full of highs – a performance at C2C Festival at The Hydro in Glasgow alongside my favourite artists such as Luke Combs, an EP lau..