Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser Are The Saviours of Pop Punk

A few months back a reviewer here at Indie Crush asked whether “pop punk has become stale and formulaic” – lamenting how “songs about suburbia, pizza, mountain dew, vans, skateboards, and Hot Topic are a dime a dozen, earning the genre a reputation as inauthentic and formulaic…” Now that may well be true – but we’re here to tell you that things have changed since then and pop punk may well have found its saviour – Ben Katzman…

That’s right – one ridiculous photo shoot at a time Katzman is making punk-rocking tracks that will keep you on your toes. “When I wake up I question everything/ why are my pants so tight and why did I choose to sing?” – so opens Quarter Life Crisis, a track on his soon-to-be released album of the same name. This is surely a question aimed squarely at the tight panted pop punk world – why do we sing and what’s it all about really?

It is this self-awareness that makes his latest release as DeGreaser so lyrically fresh and funny – its a record concerned not with looking cool but in dissecting what exactly is so cool about being cool – as Katzman sings, “cool points don’t pay the rent.” Beyond the lyrics, however, there is also some impressive musical talent behind the records – namely, Katzman’s impressive shredding ability. With fast paced, melodic, overdrive-saturated guitar riffs that jump from octave to octave, Katzman packs an awful lot of shred into his songs, which is impressive considering most of his tracks clock in at under two minutes.

So – in case you haven’t realised already – we think he’s pretty damn great. His album is out on the 12th of October and in the meantime there are two tracks up on soundcloud to get you excited…



Instagram: @bkdegreaser69