The Black Planes Talk Us Through Seattle’s Music Scene

“The Seattle music scene is probably pretty similar to the Manchester music scene. The winter weather here is rainy and dark with low cloud cover and a fucking relentless low pressure system bearing down on people. That kind of weather makes you feel like you can be inside your basement making music and you won’t be missing anything.”

If you’re into your shoegazing then you’ve probably heard of Seattle’s latest rising young band The Black Planes. Their sound has been described as “fusing 70’s space rock fog with 90’s Madchester grooves and Jesus and Mary Chain/Ride vibes” and they’ve recently recorded an album with Seattle legend Chris Hanzsek and co-founder of Reciprocal Recordings (home of most early Sub Pop acts, including Nirvana). With a dedicated fan-base and a lot of blog attention, these guys look to be going places soon – so we thought we’d catch up with them before they get too busy and find out what the music scene in Seattle is like:

Comprising of guitarist Dan Gallagher (Friction Pitch); Brent Cajka on synthesisers and Jeff Gall on drums, The Black Planes’s have a theory as to why coffee shops and music clubs have such a vibrant scene in Seattle: “The weather is shite in the winterso you may as well spend your time in the studio creating some art.” It seems like the band have really made the most of that scene, having played at many of the city’s iconic venues, including The Crocodile in downtown Seattle and Barboza on Capitol Hill. But the venues that they love the most are the ones based in their own Ballard neighborhood, The Tractor and The Sunset. “What could be better than playing a rock show in an iconic club in your own hood?”

Well as it turns out – there is one thing which could be better than playing a gig in their own neighborhood – playing Neumos in Capitol Hill – “shit!! We’ll know we have arrived.” (Seattle-based promoters – take note!). When they’re not gigging The Black Planes have been recording their album in their own home studio, Studio G, also based in Ballard, as well as in Hanzsek Audio in Snohomish, home to the Seattle legend Chris Hanzsek, producer of Soundgarden; Melvins and many others.

While we’re all waiting for that headline gig at Neumos (2019??), the next thing on The Black Planes’ calendar is the release of their vinyl version of the album on Backfire Motorcycle Night – attended, apparently, by more than 1000 motorcycle enthusiasts in Seattle. In the meantime, you can check out their album below:




Twitter: @planes_the