Indie Crush of the Week: Wailing Recluse

Among all the new music that comes our way at Indie Crush, there is sometimes nothing we want more than a classic song with a classic sound – simple as. With all that pressure on musicians to remain original and sound ‘fresh,’ it seems many forget the simple art of just making a great song…

Enter Wailing Recluse on the sonic airwaves, however, and our weekly fears about the decline of music have been abated yet again…

Fronted by Richard Terris who brings an impressive vocal talent to his songs, Wailing Recluse recall that classic sound of Led Zeppelin and the likes of Cream with the musical skill and innovation to match. You can check out their latest single, Fallen Angel, with its classic blues-rock vibe on Soundcloud below:

So as their tagline goes – #welcometotheshow! We proudly declare Wailing Recluse our Indie Crush of the Week… Enjoy!