Breaking pop and electronic boundaries – Lailien’s latest track ‘Blue Love’ is something fresh and unorthodox

Set apart as an artist that gestures towards creating music that awakens mind, body and soul on a multidimensional scale, Lailien has released his latest track Blue Love taken from his forthcoming album ‘ENSOULAR’. With the more intimate moments of the album resonating most with Bon Iver and the experimental pop-lyricism with the Dirty Projectors, ENSOULAR is set to blow all preconceptions of pop and electronic boundaries out the water.

The Toronto-based artist dabbles in an electronic experimentation of jazz, pop, and rock sounds – culminating in a creative blend of genres. With the influence of various psychedelics and an intense period of clinically diagnosed psychosis, Lailien opens up an entry to a more hyper dimensional exploration with his music, the result being something immediately intimate and gratifying yet new and exciting – named by Lailien as ‘Eschatological Tunes’.

Starting with an atmospheric slow burn Blue Love composes an unlikely marriage of electric guitar, piano arrangements and psychedelic electronic sounds. The accompanying video to the single compliments the existential depth to the song and resonates with the mystery that is Lailien the artist.

With grabbing melancholic vocals and subtle beats, Blue Love is thought provoking and provides curiosity and excitement for what is yet to come in his debut EP ‘ENSOULAR’.