FVLCRVM’s Brand New Single ‘Loose’ – An Innovative Blend of Pop, Bass and Electronica

Oscillating between mainstream and underground, between Pop, UK Bass & Future Beats, Slovakian artist FVLCRVM is back with his latest single ‘Loose’ – a modern take on pop/dance music that blends electronica, breaks and indie beats. The track comes as a follow up to the highly anticipated ‘Words’ release and the story picks up right where the music video stopped.

Picked by Spotify as number 1 for their renowned “Fresh Finds” Playlist, his first release ‘Notch’ went viral and was soon featured by BBC Radio 6 – gaining the Bratislava based artist immediate attention by tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobs or Machinedrum.

With his follow up ‘Words’ FVLCRVM offered a crisp and eloquent take on pop music and provided the viewer with a peak into a mind-blowing version of a gloomy yet dystopian future. Great support from Spotify and Apple Music as well as renowned Magazines like DJ MAG & Sound of Music made clear that FVLCRVM is a name to look out for in 2019.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fvlcrvm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fvlcrvm

Website: https://fvlcrvm.com/