Cloud Rap and African Influences, Mike Dadio’s forthcoming single ‘Fake n Dat’ is one to watch

From the streets of Ghana to the airwaves of London, producer Mike Dadio is fuelling the cloud rap scene with his forthcoming release of ‘Fake n Dat’ on 8th March.

With rhythms that draw from his African roots, Mike lets the synths and drums guide him, without restricting himself to any boxed genre. Influenced by his attendance of an African marriage ceremony, Mike was stuck on the beats of the African drums and combined with influences from Wiskid, Davido and Burna Boy, led to the creation of the Fake n Dat.

Following the release of his single ‘No Limit’ in December, Fake n Dat features Romel and Hurricane Hunt and was written by all three artists on the theme ‘love and lies’ with an aim to have the track resonate with listeners and be relatable in the way that it talks of the real problems of real life.

For Mike, music is a form of escapism and this is demonstrated in the upbeat, absorbing nature of Fake n Dat. Being the first track from Mike Dadio to be released in 2019, the release sets as precedent for more music to come and looks to cement him as one of London’s go-to producers!

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