Gurr are back with a new EP, due for release on April 5th. They dropped its title-track “She Says” on Friday – a hazy rock track that has a wonderfully calm aura, paired perfectly with the nostalgic essence of the video.

A lot has happened in their world since the released their 2016 debut “In My Head,” including the band winning best European album at the IMPALA Awards. Musically the band draws inspiration across multiple genres, from contemporary dream pop wonders Beach Fossils to psychedelic classics such as The Velvet Underground. The new EP was recorded with New York producer Mathew Molnar (Sunflower Bean, Friends) and Berlin based producer Tobi Kuhn at the UFO studios in Berlin. Gurr will be releasing four videos from the EP, beginning with the title-track “She Says,” which his out today:

“We collected all this footage during our summer of festivals last year. It was a bit of a schizophrenic time as we were always going back and forth between these positive festival vibes to the quietness and reality of home. That is what we were going for in the video” Laura Lee (Gurr)

The band will be in USA for SXSW in March and will be on tour in Germany and USA in April 2018.

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