Shoreditch Streets Become Steampunk Artist Gary Nicholl’s Latest Canvas

One of the UK’s most respected steampunk photographers and authors Gary Nicholls , who has received more and more attention with the release of his limited edition book The Imaginarium, gained a gigantic canvas last night in the form of ‘Guerrilla street art pop ups‘.

Most known for its striking graffiti, hip bars and of course the quirky finds on Brick Lane, Shoreditch is a place to break the boundaries of creativity and Nicholls’ steampunk pop up projections became the latest addition of this rejoice in creativity.

Rich in Victorian roots, this area of East London presents a perfect base to accentuate the unique relationship between future technology and Victoriana that makes up steampunk and with 2019 being the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the events presents a statement in celebrating all things Victorian.

A genre that combines historical style with a futuristic fashion theme and has attracted up to 300,000 followers via vast online networks and events, Nicholl’s work has become one of the most sought after art forms within the steampunk fashion cult.

Nicholls’ Shoreditch take over continues this weekend with several images from his 150 image self-published fine art book that tells you the story of the battle to save a woman’s soul being displayed on metal at the three-day fair in Brick Lane opening March 1st.

With images that recreate locations from Wesley’s Chapel in Shoreditch to St Paul’s Cathedral layered and knitted together by computer magic in a way you’ve never seen before, Nicolls’ artwork opens the doors to an alternate reality that exceeds the imagination.

Click the links below to explore more of his work: