Singalong When you Know the Words! Canadiana Sensations, Union Duke, Release “Ladidadida”!

Artist: Union

Title: Ladidadida

Release: Single

F.F.O: Wilco; The Lumineers

‘The band’s array of instruments includes just the right balance of
twang and heart to make their live show one to remember’
Toronto Guardian

manage to deliver the energy of a jam band, but in catchy, radio-play length
three-minute songs’

Combining the year’s easiest to remember chorus with
a tumbling and jangling electric guitar line, Union Duke’s
new single, Ladidadida
is ultra-earworm material. This isn’t catchy in a negative way – you’re not
going to be trying pull your ears off or bury your radio in the garden – this
is pure, unadulterated, summer barbeque anthem material, a song you’d swear you
already know like an old friend. Ladidadida is the lead single of four new
songs by Union Duke, the distillation of everything they have aimed to do over
the past 7 years of hard touring and recording. This song is the gateway for
those unfamiliar to all that their particularly finely-honed country-folk-indie-pop
hybrid has to offer, as well as a blast of relentless joy for their legions of
fans worldwide.

Ladidadida is that rambling road-weary song in your head while you drive the last of many miles home. It’s the story of anyone who has to leave the things they love behind, the unbridled bliss of making it back in one piece, and the desperate highs and lows of the spaces in between. Produced by Jeff Hazin and recorded between his studio and Taurus Recording in Toronto, the track also features Alan Zemaitis (Buddy Guy, Whitehorse, Terra Lightfoot) on the piano. Ladidadida is a bit of a departure musically from Union Duke’s previous work while still maintaining the pieces that make up their unique sound: catchy melodies, top-tier musicianship and powerful vocal harmonies.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Union Duke comprise Matt, Ethan, Jim, Will and Rob, genuine friends who take influence from the gems
of their parents’ record collections and injecting an extra dose of rock n roll
attitude, whilst staying to the traditional roots. Five singers; five
songwriters; countless reasons for them to be your new favourite band.