Alternative Indie Maverick Proves the Rest of Us Just Aren’t Dreaming Crazily Enough

Artist: Vanderocker

Title: Point
Defiance; Creature of Habit

Release: Video

F.F.O: St Vincent; Sleater-Kinney

Gearing up to release not one but two mind-melting new videos is Vanderocker, the Los Angeles-based avant-everything indie guru. Both tracks are culled from her latest album, Point Defiance, one which builds upon the success of her debut, Jupiter’s Kiss. Continuing to couple up such unlikely bedfellows as classical and indie rock, her latest long-player adds even more psychedelic influences, as well as a healthy dose of Desert Rock, with the tracks written and tracked in Joshua Tree.

Point Defiance was directed by Eric Rizzardini. Shot
in the husk of a house that had completely caught fire, rather than letting the
remnants go to rack and ruin, the owners fixed the electricity and started
letting people shoot art projects there. Combined with Vanderocker’s gleefully
unhinged track, the end result is one of skewed nostalgia, faded glamour and a
sprinkling of feminist commentary.

Adrienne: “It was so haunting
and beautiful on-camera which is one reason why we chose it, that darkness was
a nice counter behind the peppy feel in the track. It was crazy space to spend
time in – the floor was sopping wet in one room and it was freezing the whole
time. Overall, it’s about finding freedom and a voice through music when you’re
feeling silenced and trapped for some reason or another.”

Creature of Habit was directed by photographer, costume-designer and filmmaker, Mimi Haddon. To be approached with caution by those among you of gentle constitutions, Creature of Habit is more than a fever dream – it’s an anxiety dream in which the real terror is that we’re looking at ourselves as a species. The images are so stunningly bizarre, cartoonish, absurd and ‘out there’ that once you start watching, it’s impossible to drag yourself away. A quasi-commentary on people taking themselves way too seriously whilst still displaying all the usual human failings, prepare to have your retinas given an Olympic standard workout!

Mimi: “The song was the perfect inspiration for
the costumes I’ve been creating. I’ve been exploring the idea of ‘creature’ for a few years and was
immediately inside Adrienné’s song the second I heard it. The shooting and
editing style are an homage to early MTV, which was what I was raised on. I
also love the work of Busby Berkeley and had fun working some of his inspiration
into the final edit”.

Adrienne: “I see it as an observation of all the facets of people as a whole (who are often very ridiculous) as well as challenging people not to take things too seriously. There is a bit of Sunset Boulevard bravado in it as well (with a punk spin) – the idea of how humans tend to take themselves so damn seriously- and when we step back and gain perspective, we realize what silly creatures we are when we let our personalities takeover”.

Vanderocker is an indie music
project led by Adrienne Vanderocker, who comes from a Dutch-American
family of classical musicians in Austin, TX. Being the writer for the project,
much of Vanderocker’s classical influence can be heard throughout the VDR’s
catalogue. VDR’s early music was an experimental variation of retro
rock blended with electronica. Following her debut album, Jupiter’s Kiss, which
featured some of music’s most celebrated session musicians – Tim Pierce
(Bruce Springsteen; Patti Smith; Alice Cooper), Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction;
Joe Cocker; Slash), Jamie Muhoberac (Chris Cornell; Fleetwood Mac; Rolling
Stones), Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam; Tori Amos; David Bowie)
VDR broadened
its sound with a variety of singles ranging from devotional music, to roadhouse
blues, trip hop, avant-garde and indie pop. Vanderocker’s second LP experiments
with psychedelic desert rock and sweeping mellow flavours and was largely
written and recorded in Joshua Tree. A slew of new music videos are being
released in 2019 and two diverse new EPs are expected to release around the end
of 2019, playing with more of electronic and alternative acoustic sounds.