Nights at the Opera Triggers Sheer Piano Attack!

Artist: Gabriele

Title: Sheer Piano

Release: Album
out now

Lead Track: Poem
of the Bohemian; Love of my Life; Innuendo

F.F.O: Queen; Liszt

The celebrated pianist, Gabriele Baldocci has gone where few
dare to tread. He has not only released an album of some of Queen’s biggest hits (and, for the
fans, some of their most beloved deep cuts) but has approached the tracks in a
way only a true fan could, deconstructing them to their very essence and
creating works of art which will thrill Queen fans, classical aficionados and
indeed anyone with a passion for music. With a live London premiere in the
works, Sheer Piano Attack is the
perfect encapsulation of Gabriele’s astonishing skill on the piano, his
remarkable arrangements and, of course, Queen’s legacy of staggering songs.

Sheer Piano Attack could only
ever come from an artist who is a Queen fan to the very core – no fact about
the band has gone unrecognised and no note has not been analysed. Featuring
tracks from Queen’s first album through to Made in Heaven, as well as tracks
from Freddie Mercury’s collaboration
with Montserrat Caballé, Gabriele’s
interpretations take a considerable musical leap of faith – “What would have
happened if, instead of having the music of Wagner and Verdi as his
source of inspiration, he instead had Queen
?” Combining his love of both
classical music and Queen, the results are startling innovative yet completely
reverential. Giving three of his friends the task of radically reworking some
of Queen’s most intricate works – Bohemian Rhapsody, Innuendo and The Prophet’s
Song – the album is revelatory, casting new light on familiar songs and opening
up the classical world to those who tend to shy away from it.

Despite coming from a distinctly
unmusical family, Gabriele began to play the piano aged six, his classical
studies balanced by his father’s impressive collection of prog and rock LPs.
Disaster struck when he was seven, developed an auto immune condition called
IGA Nephropathy, leading to a life of isolation and sporadic schooling. His
escape from this prison was the piano, combining his gift for perfect pitch
with the confidence to adapt his style and to improvise. Despite being the
victim of bullying on the occasions he was able to attend school, his early
life forged him into an indomitable character, ultimately leading to his career
as a hugely respected classical pianist and composer. His talent and
personality was such that he became a protégé and great friend of Martha Argerich, widely recognised as
the greatest living classical pianist, both touring and recording with her.

My music is a blend of
energy, virtuosity, emotional freedom and refined classical training. Classical
pianists venturing outside of the classical world are very rare and, even when
they play something different, they tend to quote classical composition. My
style is completely unique and I like to think that, somehow, I have created a
sort of a new music genre which I have just began to explore

Also featuring the amazing blind
vocalist Peter Jones and the opera
star Barbara Luccini assisting, this
is Queen as you’ve never heard them before.




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