Losing Out on £250,000 When One of his Tracks was Stolen, The King of Electro-Swing Returns!

Artist: Jamie

Title: Light up
the Night

Release: Album
Released September 16th

Lead Track:
Light up the Night

F.F.O: Electro-Swing

Jamie Berry’s new album, Light Up the Night is released on September 16th, a release which sees him reuniting with stunning singer Octavia Rose and reclaiming his crown as the king of electro-swing. With combined streams and YouTube plays running into the BILLIONS, Jamie’s music combines the jazz-house Parov Stelar and the electro-swing of Caravan Palace, adding in his own take on a musical style which continues to delight fans around the world. Teaming up with one of the world’s leading music production houses, The Firm, Light Up the Night is one of the pinnacles of the genre, a perfect marriage of the vintage sounds of the swing-era and modern-day beats underpinned by a gigantic bass sound.

Just as his career was exploding, Jamie and Octavia were victim to what has amounted to grand theft. Finding one of their tunes, Delight, had been used without their permission by a prominent YouTuber, the increasingly complex legality of the use of music online has so far led to their losses amounting to ¼ million pounds. Fortunately, fortified by 10 million Spotify streams of their own and an unwavering confidence in their music has seen them put together a collection of tracks which is destined to catapult them back into public consciousness. Working with world-class composer and producer Bob Bradley of The Firm and the brass arrangements of Andrew Griffiths, Light up the Night has a huge sound, one which gives real authenticity to their electro-swing anthems and has seen them perform live across the UK, Europe and Australia. Led by its title track, Light up the Night is available from September 16th.

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/jamieberrymusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamieberryuk/?hl=en