Forget Everything You Ever Heard Between Suns Rip Up the Genre Rulebook Once and for All

Artist: Between

Title: Fractured

Release: Single

Produced by music legend Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy; Marillion; Toyah), Between Suns have torn up the rule book, thrown the remnants out of the window, set fire to the remnants on the pavement outside and buried the ashes at sea. Their disregard for convention and expectations set them apart as one of the most exciting rock acts in years. The combined talents of songwriter and guitarist, Paul Lisak and astonishing vocalist Nausicaä, no reference points will make sense, yet your mind will try to compute some order to their kaleidoscope of musical freakery – Jimmy Page sharing a house with Judy Garland; Boney M scrapping it out with Jimi Hendrix; Abba joined in marriage to Ravi Shankar by Reverend Ice Cube. Forget everything you’ve ever heard – Between Suns are the real deal.

Detroit – New York – Seattle – Leytonstone. The new music hub of the world is in East London and it’s all wrapped up in one band. Fine artist and guitar virtuoso, Paul Lisak and French operatically trained chanteuse Nausicaä met despite circumstances seemingly conspiring to keep them apart. Signed up to an online company designed to pair up singers looking for musicians, Paul was not even in the market for band mates and was in the habit of deleting the daily deluge of email notifications as soon as they hit his inbox. For reasons unknown, on this particular day, he deleted all but one. Days later, he opened it to find a young French girl looking for a band – a classically trained singer who had left France for London and the music scene which had provided so many of her favourite artists, despite being unable to speak a word of English. Their united determination to challenge the norm through their art led to an extraordinary musical relationship which over three years and the expert stewardship of the legendary producer, Nick Tauber is finally ready for the world to taste.

Following last year’s extraordinary debut single, Sun Ra, with its eye-frying psychedelics and glam strut, their forthcoming single is Fracture Life, a song about life on the road which in the space of three-and-a-bit minutes hits disco, hard rock, grime and ends up somewhere hot and exotic. Featuring grime artist, Crudded Badz, the track showcases Between Suns’ universal appeal and expert musicianship, not to mentionNausicaä’s breath-taking voice. Prepare to be astonished.