Expert Trombonist Switches to Guitar to Launch Summer Pop Hit!

Artist: Reuben George

Title: Let’s Run Away (To Mexico)

Released: 13th September

F.F.O: Jack Johnson; Newton Faulkner; Sufjan Stevens

With life as a professional trombonist looming on the horizon, Reuben George made a life-changing decision – with an overriding passion for reggae, ska, pop and writing songs he placed his trombone in its case, picked up a guitar and reinvented himself. Originally hoping to utilise his trombone skills in a reggae band, it had soon become apparent that his location in Kent was not bursting at the seams with ska acts. His decision to take matters into his own hands has led to his new single, Let’s Run Away (To Mexico), a track which combines trumpet/trombone hooks with his passion for pop, neo-folk and singer-songwriters to produce a track which is irresistibly summery!

Growing up in Rye near Hastings in Kent, Reuben George comes from a
musical family and grew up involved in both classical and jazz circles, the
most obvious places for a trombonist. By his teens, his passion for other forms
of music became equally important to him and led to him looking for ways to
incorporate the ideas in his head into something more personal. Following his
debut single, Gone, Let’s Run Away (To Mexico) is an even more
infectious track which manages to encompass all the elements of his musical
journey so far into a track which is perfect for those balmy, late summer days.

Unconventional to the last, Reuben lives in a converted van with solar
panels on the roof and every
conceivable mod-con, allowing him to travel around the UK
at a moment’s notice. Bi-lingual (English and Italian) yet rejecting the
expected university path taken by many grammar school students, Reuben George
is anything but predictable. Have trombone, will travel!