DAN Defies Stereotypes and Disability to Aim for UK Hip Hop Glory

Artist: DAN

Title: Hendrix

Release: Single Released 30th August

From Hull he came…but this is no ordinary musician. A hip-hop obsessive, DAN has never let his unlikely base hold him back – nor his background. Finding himself drawn to all elements of black culture from an early age, particularly the vibrancy and unapologetically authentic nature of the music, fashion and values, he surrounded himself with people from all backgrounds – religion, culture, class and lifestyle completely irrelevant. His partnership with producer, mixer and engineer Michael Bowdler AKA DubzCo AKA Trix, has led to his forthcoming single, Hendrix, also featuring acoustic guitarist, Jay Thomas and Bermudian rapper, Velly (also signed toDAN’slabel, CODE). His focused vision for his music is all the more remarkable given his struggles with mental health, family tragedy and his own physical disability. DAN has a unique story and a unique style – hold on tight.

DAN doesn’t have stories about gang gun violence or
boast of flash cars but his triumphs as a musician and as a human being send
him to the top tier of inspirational hip hop stars. Born with what he terms ‘an
invisible disability’ – one of his legs is slightly shorter than the other – he
has supported his family throughout appalling circumstances: from his brother’s
desperate cancer battle, which saw him receiving pioneering treatment in the US, to his grandma’s
struggle with dementia, which saw him moving into to her house to support his
grandad. Throughout, DAN has fought his own personal battles with anxiety and
depression, not to mention the problems he continues to encounter with his
disability. Not that periods spent in a wheelchair prevented him achieving a
third black belt in karate…

Hendrix is not a nod to the great guitarist but a copyright-avoiding tribute to a certain Scottish gin (c’mon guys, send him a crate!) as well as a commentary on the issues arising from a life lived from an Instagram account which portrays an image of you that simply isn’t real. Avoiding the use of samples, the track is built entirely from scratch and the lyrics, as with all his tracks, based on real-life experience. Having performed alongside Omarion, SisQo, GIGGS, Tinchy Stryder, N Dubz, Lethal Bizzle, Dane Bowers, Sneakbo and occasionally found rubbing shoulders with everyone from Dappy to Idris Elba, Travis Scott and Wiley, DAN is everything great about British music and an example to people around the world.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HaveUSeenDan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haveyouseendan/