‘Steampunk’s Best Photographer’, Gary Nicholls, Returns To World’s Biggest Festival

Steampunk is the most famous new trend that you’ve perhaps never even heard of. To those in the know it’s been around for years. For others, it’s “Steam what?” In terms of fashion, think, Victoriana, Vivienne Westwood, Helena Bonham-Carter, All Saints, goggles and tea-cups. In terms of lifestyle and creativity, well, the options are endless.

The Lincoln Asylum Festival in August is the largest and longest running steampunk festival in the world https://www.asylumsteampunk.co.uk/. This festival now attracts over 120,000 steampunks taking over the historic quarter of the city, celebrating the splendid artistic growing world of steampunk, with art, literature, music & fashion.

One of the world’s greatest Steampunk photographers, Gary Nicholls introduces his audience to a parallel world of Victoriana setting, steam technology and a ‘pleasant’ attitude. Transforming actual photographs of landscapes, places and people into Steampunk influenced works of art, Gary’s book ‘The Imaginarium’ will be followed by ‘Book 2’.

Returning to the festival tomorrow, Gary will give a talk and also offer steampunkers the chance to feature in one of his new books by taking part in a live photo shoot. The Imaginarium Live Shoot will be set up in the castle grounds during the festival on Saturday to Monday, August 24-26 (10am to 5pm) and visitors will be able to see his creative process as scenes are shot for the second and third books in his trilogy.

The Imaginarium Live Shoot – Castle grounds 10am – 5pm each day

The Imaginarium would be nothing
without the genuine steampunks that feature in the 450 images that make
up the trilogy. For the first time at this year’s Asylum, Gary Nicholls will
have his studio setup in the Castle grounds and you will be able to see his
creative process as we shoot scenes from the second and third books, live
everyday during the festival. If any steampunks want to feature they can come
along looking their finest and take part in the live shoots. There will be an
opportunity for the audience to influence the story, so if you have book one
and thought I want to be in this the marquee in the Castle grounds is the place
to head to. In particular we will be shooting some ‘murder’ scenes so please be
aware there may be some spoilers!

Gary Nicholls—The Imaginarium – ‘Reality is for people without imagination’ – Talk on Saturday

talk is designed to inspire the audience to try new ideas and ignore convention
in creating a personal project using the camera as a tool to create images from
imagination to realisation.

Gary is the creator and author of
The Imaginarium Trilogy—a 450 image fine art story. The whole project is
governed by just two words, Imagine and Create. If it can be dreamt, it can be
created. ‘Reality is for people without Imagination’ is the title of the
talk and Gary’s imagination has no bounds, no journey impossible, no step is a
step too far, dark steampunk the order of the day. This talk is about creating
an imaginative steampunk image, when you have no imagination to call upon.
Budding creative’s, this will give you an insight into the mind of a man the
world thinks smokes skittles!