Neo-Classical Sensation, Gavin Luke, Releases “In Search of Home”

Gavin Luke, the neo-classical pianist and composer who has exploded across social media and streaming services, released his latest single, In Search of Home, on 28th October.

Gavin Luke is an American
composer who was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since 2010, Gavin
has divided his time between composing his own pieces and composing music for
visual media. In 2016, he released four albums and two singles, with the track Delicate
gaining over 25 million plays on Spotify. 2017 and 2018 saw the
release of several EPs and singles and his music has now been heard several
billion times on YouTube.

Following in the footsteps of musical parents and
grandparents, Gavin’s passion for the piano at an early age led to him becoming
fascinated with the art of creating music, to the extent that he frequently found
himself reworking the works of renowned composers such as Brahms and Mozart.
This attention to detail led to him studying music synthesis and film scoring
at Berklee College of music and has for the last decade divided his time
between composing for film
and well as his own works.

With many of his releases being recorded on his
grandmother’s fully restored, 1925 Steinway grand piano, it is clear the online
world is in tune with his uniquely authentic touch. His latest track, In
Search of Home
, was recorded with a piece of felt placed between the
hammers and the strings, creating a soft, intimate and delicate sound, reflecting
a longing or a sense of wanting to belong, to feel loved, or to feel at peace.