End of the World Finally Sees Art Rock Geniuses Derayernah Introduce Album & Single to the World

Derayernah is
not just a band name: it’s a feeling; a spirit animal; a footnote at the bottom
of a religious text; a foghorn in the night directing you to another realm. It’s
no surprise then that the band have chosen now to introduce the world to not
just their debut album, “In Joys
but also a brand-new single, “Siberian Scopes”.
Derayernah chose not to promote “In Joys” last year:

We didn’t promote our debut album because we wanted to wait for the Consummation of All Things to draw nearer, the end of the world. That time is now” .

Though time is running out for music lovers to experience the unruly whirling dervish daymare of 1920s Dadaism, lyrical surrealism and knowing humour (sometimes lost on humans) of their recorded work, Derayernah is proud to present, though bullishly indifferent to judgement, a glimpse of what would happen if Gregorian monks met prog yetis in a boxing ring in the Middle East via a scenic route taking in Turkey. To quote the band’s slogan, Derayernah are finally ready to Unveil the Arm.


in 2019 at Anchor Lane Studio in Glasgow by Luigi Pasquini, In
Joys is the full-length debut of Derayernah (Drue Marsland and Jhau
), though they chose not to bother telling anyone about it at the
time. Over seven tracks, the band evoke shades of the concentrated freak concerti
of Mothers of Invention, the proto-surgery rock of Black Midi and
the proggy excesses of Porcupine Tree. Having met when Drue walked into
the wrong rehearsal room and opted to stay with Jhau rather rejoin his actual
bandmates, the band never doubted the cosmos’ choice in uniting them and succumbed
to their destiny of writing art rock with lyrics which would doubtless spook
horses – for example, from Dreaming on the Upper:

Lystra, where are your ephods?
(At the core of the giant cosmos)
Derbe, where are your priests?
(The ram was slain out of time’s realm)
Icon, we are not godings
(Catch the foxes in our starry vineyard)
Firstly, big on your wreath
(Scar their kind lest they spoil what we’ve made)


To accompany the album is a brand-new single
released on 13th March, Siberian Scopes, which builds on their
transcendental foundations. The band happy to explain the story behind the

The song tells of a voyage to the dystopian city
of Abakan to pay homage to a larger-than-life monarch known as “the Tsar”.

Sonically, we’d long been fans of Turkish folk music, and wanted to infuse an Eastern vibe into one of our numbers, but not in a patchy gimmicky way. So, we used conventional rock instrumentation, but the melodic skeleton of the song is Near Eastern-ish, with chanted vocals”.

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