Tia Beale: Australia’s Pop Princess

Lockdown has everyone feeling blue at the moment, but why feel down when you can listen to Tia Beale, the pop princess.

Sydney’s singer songwriter, Tia has just debuted her five track EP, which, is not only streaming online but there is also a CD.

Recorded in collaboration with music industry veteran Steve Clisby, who also acted as producer for Tia’s EP traverses a variety of genres from pop to hip hop.

The 19-year-old studied two years at the Sydney’s Australian Institute of Music which further enhanced her appreciation for music and performance.

Still living in the family home, Tia is surrounded by a veritable zoo of animals, indeed her beloved dog, Evie, has been known to make cameo appearance on her photo shoots!

Here are some links to Tia’s music, we hope you enjoy them.