Romanian artist Stefan Elefteriu sends us into the space age with new album ‘Quantum Gates’

Imagine captain Spock or The Doctor wondering round with a Gibson in their hand, firing off an edgy solo. That is the best way I can describe Stefan Elefteriu‘s new album in a sentence.

As the artist himself puts it: ‘Twelve portals open to twelve different worlds awaiting discovery through imagination, fantasy and feelings… Go beyond the Quantum Gates and, with each re-listening, you will perceive new territories of musical expression.’

Quantum Gates is the latest album from this very unique artist. It combines his multitude of skills as a composer, violinist, pianist and story teller.

In his formative years, Stefan lived in Romania during the Communist rule of Nicolae Ceausescu, who banned all Western music. Stefan resorted to buying the music he loved in the black market. If that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is.

Picture: Stefan and his homemade studio

Fast forward a few years and all his hard work had paid off. Stefan enjoyed a stint as a violinist at the Romanian National Opera and it was here where he learned he had a burning desire to produce as well as perform.

In a truly unique fashion, he built his own studio, reverse engineering a friends synthesiser to create his own. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Stefan repeated his efforts with an electric violin.

The effort Stefan has put into music is evident in the complexity of ‘Quantum Gates’ if nothing else. The album is born out of an extraordinary mind of an extraordinary composer, inviting listeners to join him on a symphonic voyage of exploration.

‘Between two worlds’ is one of the lead tracks of the album, showcasing what Stefan is all about. As the tune begins, we’re greeted by a psychedelic space vibe, something the artist uses as a foundation in the majority of his tracks.

Out of nowhere, the track progresses into a pop come rap beat, but retains the classical space vibe that is synonymous with his work.

I know it might sound like a car crash, but Stefan uses his plethora of production talents to pull it all together incredibly succinctly.

If the four genres weren’t enough for you, Stefan treats us to an edgy rock guitar solo near the end of the track. The introduction of this works brilliantly to polish off the multi-layered tune.

Later on in the album, the titular track rears its head to show us what this collection of songs is really about.

Immediately, I’m transported to the set of Star Trek or Doctor Who as that all too familiar sci-fi vibe gives a base for the single.

Picture: DevianArt

This one gets off to a slow start, but when it gets going it’s a truly unique experience.

Suddenly, the artist takes it up a notch, injecting a change of tempo as the whole track goes into warp speed. Soon, the ever familiar sound of a rock guitar joins us, giving the track an extra dimension to stop it getting stale.

The tune and beat of ‘Quantum Gates’ gives off a Pet Shop Boys 70’s synth vibe, something I personally really enjoy.

Not to be outdone, the guitar comes back with a vengeance in the latter stages of the song. The harsh notes of the instrument provide a great contrast to the softer sounding synth, once again displaying Stefan’s incredible talent as both performer and producer.

All in all, this album and style is like nothing I have ever heard in my life. It has to be said, there is no one quite like Stefan Elefteriu.

If this album is a bit of you then give it a go now, just follow the Spotify link below.

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