In Signs Have Made Their First of Several Releases This Year, With ‘Knock Knock’

Three-piece Ukrainian melodic rockers, In Signs have released their latest single ‘Knock Knock’. Based in Kyiv, the metal band create a hard-hitting sound fused with warped melodies that build throughout the song to a mind-blowing level. Accompanying the single is a powerfully deviant lyric video.

Despite never wanting to be a musician, lead vocalist Arsen was inspired after getting his first tattoo which contained the Metallica lyrics ‘Nothing Else Matters’. He now finds songwriting as a brilliant way to express his feelings; having always been a closed off person, music has given him a way to properly communicate. Taking pride in his live performances, he thrives off playing songs that he has created.

We want to prove that music is not about money, it’s about the passion of your life.

Arsen, frontman of In Signs.

‘Knock Knock’ is a dark, airy tune with a hardcore chorus that has an in-your-face beat and hoarse vocals. It’s a rock anthem that indulges in mystic guitar sounds and static effects. A lyrically encouraging song, ‘Knock Knock’ is empowering and uplifting.

‘Knock Knock’ marks the first of several new tracks expected this year. With their main aim laying in staying true to their fans, In Signs hope to continue to make music that is honest and open to listeners.

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