UK Hiphop artist Saint makes waves with new EP ‘Lucid’

February 4, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Stourbridge based hip-hop artist and label CEO Saint released his debut EP ‘Lucid’ on January 30th which he describes as revolutionary rhythm.

Bringing a unique mix of laid back beats, punchy rap, and motivational lyrics, Saint is different to any other artist trying to make their way in the UK hip-hop scene. He hopes to use his music for change, bringing a sense of positivity and hope with his sound.

The five track EP has already gained support from BBC Introducing, and Saint only hopes to gain more publicity in 2021. An all-round music fanatic, he also owns the record label ‘MusicalKillah Records’, which his EP was released from.

‘Adrenaline’, the first track off the EP, aptly kicks things off with short, quick burst of seamless verses, before making way for ‘Back Then’, which explores reflecting on your younger days and drawing upon the positivity of that time.

‘Changes’ talks about the power of your words and how they can affect other people, something that Saint cares a lot ..

The age of Femininity, Men, Flowers & Frills

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In 2020 the world fell in love with feminine men. Capturing our hearts and minds, men like the glorious Harry Styles brought a new meaning to the word ‘handsome’.

Controversial Vogue cover by Tyler M..

Araya Maps Internal Journal in Debut Album ‘Atlas’

February 3, 2021 monkjackblog 0

January saw the release of singer songwriter Araya’s debut album, Atlas. The Brooklyn based artist has been gaining critical acclaim from the music press and distributors alike.

Having written music from a young age, Araya perfects his skills in this album, which charts his quest for self knowledge. This reflection is particularly evident on the track ‘Eden’, which suggests that self acceptance is Araya’s route to happiness.

Atlas, with its soulful vocals and slick production, has the makings of a successful, soul-tinged pop album. The album journeys from the funky keys of the upbeat ‘Dancer’, to the mellow guitar in the reflective ‘Sad Song’.

‘Color Palette’ is a fun, bouncy celebration of colour, but it’s the deep honesty of ‘Eden’ which makes the track my favourite.

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Anita Gabrielle releases the radiant EP ‘Just Neat’ to help research into Parkinson’s Disease

February 1, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Anita Gabrielle has been making folk music since the late 1960s, when her brother Michael introduced her to the powerful sounds of Joni Mitchell.

Her talent blended with her supreme work ethic saw her achieve national coverage in the 1980s with her band The Crew. She has also supported seminal artists such as Divine and Labi Siffre.

Anita has always strived to have a broad musical pallet. She has incorporated acoustic rock and pop into her music through her collaborations with artists like ZeNaNa and The Favourite Aunties.

However, ever since her brother was tragically diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last year, Anita has made it her primary mission to enhance research into the disease through her latest EP ‘Just Neat’.

This EP is comprised of 6 wonderful tracks that were materialised during lockdown, with the intention of raising funds for Parkinson’s disease research. The EP’s leading single ‘Best Friends’ is a soothing experience fronted by Anita’s ethereal vocals, tranqui..

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How Does A Photograph Stand Out In A World Of ‘Photographers – Can Photojournalist David Hicks Help You To Stand Out?

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In a world where cameras are at our fingertips, tucked away in our pockets at all times, just how does a photograph remain unique and innovating?

Anyone can take a photo, perhaps not a good one, but with the wonders of modern technology the means to do so are widely available to all. Has this accessibility meant a loss in authenticity to the world of photography?

I would beg to differ. Whilst indeed anyone can take a photo, not everyone can capture the magic of a moment.

A photograph is more than the snapping of an iPhone camera, it is the snapshot of a single second that tells an entire story in just one frame, this is not necessarily an easy photographic technique but perhaps more the eye of an inquisitive photographer.

Good photographs require depth, texture and genuine feeling; something the simple click of a button won’t give you, it is far more than just clever photographic technique.

Take the works of photojournalist David Hicks. Hicks captures fascinating imagery, full of ..

James Fox Releases New Single, ‘The Rest Of Our Lives’

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James Fox’s latest track , The Rest of Our Lives, was released on January 29th. The epic track is taken from his new album All The Fours, which drops on February 5th.

The track sees a comeback for the seasoned Welsh musician after beating an addiction to gambling. Drawing on Fox’s rock, blues and folk influences, the song is a symbol of hope and fresh starts.

With its catchy guitar and strong vocals, The Rest Of Our Lives is an anthemic indie song which is positive and uplifting; a refreshing tonic for these tricky times.

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Surrey based rapper Leoscappin set to release EP ‘Alienated’ on February 5th

January 31, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Quickly becoming a golden asset to the world of rap, Surrey based rapper Leoscappin is set to release his new EP ‘Alienated‘ on February 5th. Crossing through different cultures, there’s familiar US and UK rap influences within the EP.

“Alienated” is a real contender in the hip-hop, rap and trap world, and ‘Lost You’, the first track off the EP, completely cements this fact. Armed with triggered beats and addictive vocals, the only thing that this track lacks is duration, we want more!

Track number two, ‘Lafayette St.’, is definitely more mainstream and can resonate with chart lovers across the world.

‘The Best in You’ is the most emotive track on the EP and enters with an angelic piano melody before Leoscappin’s vocals begin. Keeping the same sort of beat throughout the release, this EP is certain to get you grooving away in your room.

EP closers ‘Right Call’ and ‘Fly High’ are upbeat, energetic and armed with electronic fragrances.

On the release, Leoscappin explain: “I try..

Meet Jade Moss, the jazz pop musician you should be watching out for in 2021!

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Jade Moss has already made a name for herself in the fashion and textiles world as a fierce entrepreneur, pulling her creative background into her music career and wowing audiences with her glamour and stunning outfits.

At the age of 18, Jade left her home of Yorkshire and moved to London to pursue her dream career. She made her mark on the city by opening her own boutiques selling clothes that she designed herself. She gains inspiration for her designs by travelling the world and experiencing new cultures, which has lead to her work being featured in major high street stores.

Her new single ‘Hey Babe’ discusses modern love and the game that men often like to play. Her strong, determined lyrics show her setting her standards straight and not letting anyone tell her what to do. The track features distorted vocals and a soft jazz sound with a subtle hint of pop, perfect for anyone looking for something more laid back. Drawing her inspiration from the likes of Etta James, Grace Jones a..

James Fox introduces us to the music that saved him in brand new album ‘All The Fours’

January 30, 2021 Admin 0

Pulling influences from some of the biggest names in classic rock, blues, folk and country, James Fox has poured his heart out into his upcoming album, introducing us to the music that saved his life.

Bringing diversity and range, this record was recorded and produced by Fox himself in his home studio in the heart of Wales during the tough summer we all just faced.

Flexing his multi-talented muscle, James played most of the instruments on the album, leaving the drums up be recorded by good friend Mike Sorrentino in Long Island NYC.

The 12 track album features a great range of not just moods of songs, but of varying genres heavily influenced by the folk and blues side of things. Opening song Nightfall features a heavy blues rock feel, with an anticipating crescendo lead by the drum beat amongst smooth vocals, leaving you captivated on each word.

Giving off a different vibe altogether, I Could Take You Down opens with a heavy guitar riff and strong country vocals. A striking drum p..

Leoscappin’s brand new EP ‘Alienated’ is out of this world

January 30, 2021 Admin 0

Based in Surrey, England, British-Asian rapper Leoscappin is the latest artist to take the UK trap scene by storm with upcoming release ‘Alienated’ set to drop on the 5th February this year.

Combining elements of American rap with his current British trap roots, Leoscappin’s new EP brings the best of both worlds into an easy and melodic listen, perfect for anyone to dip their toes into.

An actor, rapper and writer, Leoscappin’s latest EP is a call to listeners about believing in yourself even through tough times and in spite of other’s opinions.

The EP features a warm instrumental mix of vocals, guitar and hi hats atop intriguing lyrical storytelling. Some notable tracks include the opening song, Lost You, which begins the EP with a catchy synth riff that is repeated throughout the track. The gradual introduction of an 80’s tone alongside lyrics touching on self-appreciation really brings home the driving message of the EP, and sets the mood for the track list.

Compare this to the..