F*** IT MAN!!! Franki Pineapple’s Middle Finger To The System.

January 17, 2021 monkjackblog 0

A novelist, journalist, screenwriter, poet and singer-songwriter, now Franki Pineapple can add corporation revolutionary to her accolades, which is a heavily present motif in her new single ‘F*** It Man’.

Labelled an anti-establishment anthem, upon listening to the song it seems like Ms Pineapple is trying to find herself not only as an artist but as a person.

The slow building but edgy undertones keeps fans on edge, constantly waiting for a burst of energy and fire to rock out too. Combining Punk rage and the iconic EDM sound wraps the track up into rebellious perfection.

listened here:

However, her biggest win to date comes from battling Apple Inc over her name.

“Apple brought a compromise settlement to the table which I felt deep in my soul would limit me in ways I simply could not sign on for. I had done nothing wrong; I had infringed on Apple in no way; all I had done was put my heart and soul into the creation of something cool which represented peaceful rebellion; I knew ..

Franki Pineapple takes to the stage in true rock-star fashion with ‘F*** It Man’

January 17, 2021 monkjackblog 0

An artist that’s already crammed more into her life than usual artists do, Franki Pineapple may be eccentric, but she’s one hell of an empowering musician. From her life as a screenwriter, novelist and journalist to at present a punk rock singer-songwriter and voice of a generation, Franki’s ‘F*** It Man‘ is turning heads all across the globe.

A truthful artist that’s completely authentic, Franki Pineapple is a name that everyone should know. With a logo created by none other than John Pasche who had years earlier designed the iconic ‘lips and tongue’ logo for the Rolling Stones, everything was going to plan, until Apple Inc sued her.

“Apple brought a compromise settlement to the table which I felt deep in my soul would limit me in ways I simply could not sign on for. I had done nothing wrong; I had infringed on Apple in no way; all I had done was put my heart and soul into the creation of something cool which represented peaceful rebellion; I knew I could not back down and so I dec..

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New Sex Pistols Biopic is Coming!

January 11, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Director Danny Boyle is set to oversee a brand new series biopic based on the Sex Pistol’s guitarist, Steve Jones, called Pistol.

Based on Jones’ 2018 memoir Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol, the limited series has a brilliant cast lined up, including Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams, who will play punk icon Jordan – aka Pamela Rooke – and Babyteeth‘s Toby Wallace as Jones.

Anson Boon (1917) will play John Lydon, Louis Partridge (Enola Homes) will take on Sid Vicious, Jacob Slater stars as Paul Cook and Fabien Frankel (The Serpent) will play Glen Matlock.

The six-part series “moves from West London’s council estates, to Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s notorious Kings Road SEX shop, to the international controversy that came with the release of Never Mind the Bollocks, which is frequently listed as one of the most influential albums of all time.

Photo by Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock (74937l) Sex Pistols – Sid Vicious, John Lydon, Steve Jones and Paul Cook after signing ..

The Portland-based trio ’87 and The Toys’ have released their new alt-indie EP ‘Japanesy if you Pleasey’

December 5, 2020 monkjackblog 0

The seven track’s show the trio’s affinity with off-the-wall indie artists from across the years, showcasing likeness to Violent Femmes and Neutral Milk Hotel, whilst still staying true to their unique quirky style.

The band consists of Dave on Bass and guitar; Hana on min-drum kit, piano, and vocals; and Patrick on rhythm guitar and vocals. The trio have developed a style which incorporates American and Japanese cultures, especially evident in their songs ‘All you can eat sushi’ and ‘Ramen’ which are both on the new EP.

The band also pride themselves on being completely musically authentic. They record strictly without filters, overblown production techniques or autotune. 87 And The Toys subscribe to the school of absolute musical purity which is part of their commitment to their artistic authenticity.

This is shown in their recording techniques as they use their own DIY methods of production, which includes their new EP being entirely recorded on 8-track via a tiny Tascam recorde..

YUNGBLUD Asks “Is There Any Life On Mars?” In Emotional New Video

November 28, 2020 monkjackblog 0

November 26th saw YUNGBLUD’s 7th single release this year, bringing us an emotionally charged song mars, telling the story of a young trans woman fighting to be who she truly is, and spreading the message of self-identity and fighting for what is right. The song comes quickly after previous release Cotton Candy, which received a hugely positive reaction from fans and new listeners alike.

The video quickly followed, dropping 5pm yesterday. You can watch Below:

mars comes as one of the featured songs on the Weird!, which is releasing at the later date of December 4th, after being pushed back due to the delay in production of the Vinyl versions of the album.

YUNGBLUD has been teasing the content of this album, redesigning his style in a more liberating lyrical style with charged messages, as per for any of his releases. Earlier this year, he described the new album as “Inspired by Bowie”, the latest video clearly nodding its head towards the late performer.

I was lucky enough to get i..

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IDLES Raffle Off Guitar Amps For #saveourvenues

November 23, 2020 monkjackblog 0

IDLES are set to raffle off one guitar amp in honor of the #SaveOurVenues trust, after The Music Venue Trust highlighted 30 grassroots venues that are still in danger of closure.

After many venues around the UK received their first share of the £1.57Billion Cultural Recovery fund earlier this year, yet many smaller venues did not receive any of the grant.

To support these venues during these tough times, IDLES have put on a raffle consisting of the Hiwatt Guitar Amp used during the Abbey Road “Lock In” Livestreams, and a Hiwatt Guitar Head.

The raffle is only £5 to enter, and each entry is also given a listening code to join a listening party for their most recent live album “Live at Ramsgate Hall”, announced back in June to save the venue.

“We would have been in the middle of gigging season right now, where grassroots music venues and musicians make their bread and butter, they need your support now more than ever.
Grassroots music venues are where music progresses, they are the p..

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Franki Pineapple goes full throttle with explicit punk single ‘F*ck it Man’

November 8, 2020 monkjackblog 0

Once a screenwriter, novelist and journalist, now thriving as a singer-songwriter, Franki is certainly a unique taste.

Described as a force of nature, she’s thrown everything into this latest track – even bouncing back after Apple Inc recently sued her for her appropriation of a fruit.

Refusing to compromise, Franki won the fight and continued to use the pineapple logo which producer and partner Nararaji Tribino suggested epitomised her character – spikey on the outside, sweet inside.

The resulting track is defying and crazy; it’s an outburst of punk anger. With the word ‘f***’ used over 30 times, make sure you prepare yourself before delving into the world of fierce fire that is Franki Pineapple.

For updates on her latest, follow the links below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frankipineapplemusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrankiPineapple

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frankipineapple/

Website: www.frankipineapple.com

Vanderocker returns with electric new EP ‘The Good Punk’

November 1, 2020 monkjackblog 0

One of the freshest up-and-comers in alternative indie, Vanderocker, is preparing to release her latest EP, The Good Punk, on the 13th November.

Including four new tracks, including lead track Supercell, as well as a bonus instrumental and a short film on the way, Vanderocker has reaffirmed her status as an exciting and intriguing newcomer to the scene.

With the EP touching on subjects such as duality, voyeurism and sex – through the medium of psychedelic, indie electro-pop – it promises to be a body of art rather than a collection of songs.

As well as writing all the music and performing several of the instruments across the EP, Vanderocker (full name Adrienne Vanderocker) also collaborates with Joe Cocker, Peter Holmström, and producer Brandon Eggleston on The Good Punk.

Adrienne herself has described the music of Vanderocker as “a basic study of humans on different levels, almost from an Alien National Geographic kind of perspective.” This can clearly be heard on the incoming EP..