FFO: Tim Buckley; Tom Waits; Elvis Costello

In the age of streaming and artist’s producing ever more singles – you can’t help but worry that the art of album making is a dying one – something which makes Bill Magill’s latest release, Last Night at the HA-RA, particularly refreshing, because it represents the exact opposite. There is an atmospheric cohesiveness and patience to the tracks that lend themselves to be heard together, as one project, or a “rock drama” as the album’s subtitle suggests.

Last Night at the Ha-Ra is a rock drama about regulars gathered at their favourite bar – their mad passions, pains, flaws and dreams, all told with worldly-wise humour and candour. It’s musical story telling at its best and would surely lend itself to any fan of Tom Waits and his impressive repertoire. Beyond this, however, the album boasts some skilled musicians featured throughout: there is MaGill’s own Tim Buckley-esque vocals; plus Daniel Mille, the award-winning French accordionist; and Pete Thomas, who was drummer for Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

The album is out now on Spotify and other platforms and you can check out his social media below for more…


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