The Therapeutic Power of Music – FFO: Medina Lake; Stone Sour; Three Days Grace

My darkest of hours was when my father passed away when I was eight years old. I definitely didn’t know how to handle it. I started writing stories, drawing and most importantly wrote song after song after song. I would write full albums, every instrument being considered from the age of twelve…

The story of Charlie Rees’ musical journey leading up to his outstanding new album release, Hourglass, is also the story of how, from a very young age, he has learnt how to deal with the difficulties of mental illness, death and hardship. It seems in the face of extreme difficulty from a young age, Charlie turned to music with a constant creative drive – he started out as a vocalist of his first band, Oceans Collide, then when they split up he became the drummer for Cerberon. More recently he’s begun to produce his own music all by himself – as singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer, as well as writing all the songs.

Back in July he released a video for the track, Bitter Taste, which is acts as an exposition of his multi-instrumental talent and marked an important moment for Charlie – finding the confience in his own musical voice to go alone on a project and performance:

Following on from the success of this track, Charlie begun work on his latest album, Hourglass. Soon to be released, we’ve had a sneak listen, and it offers a fascinating, softer side to Charlie. It is a self-reflective piece that represents a positive, constructive point in his personal life:

I decided to look back on my relationships with others, specifically my girlfriend at the time, I realised that although there was so much love on my part and that there were good times, I had to come to terms with the facts; this isn’t going to last much longer and it is better that we part ways before we become more hurt than we already are, so we can move on and help better ourselves and our lives.

His honesty is impressive, as is his music – so watch this space, as his new single will be out soon…