Indie Crush of the Week: Lailien

When an artist lists Virginia Woolf, Lana De Rey, Buddha, David Lynch, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar among their influence, you just know that their music is going to be something. You don’t know what the specifics of that something might be, but it is going to be something nonetheless.

It turns out that in the case of Lailien, that something is music that is transcendent, disorientating, metaphysical but most of all- bloody brilliant! Hailing from Toronto, the city that bought the world such indie darlings as Crystal Castles and Broken Social Scene, Lailien is a songwriter and producer, with what appears to be an academic interest in some of the most enduring philosophical questions.

His first single, Heaven, ponders the meaning and existence of Heaven in a floaty and dream-like manner that is reminiscent of artists such as Flaming Lips and The Dirty Projector and is intended to be the first part of the wider hyper-dimensional pilgrimage of self-reflection that his upcoming album ‘Ensoular’ is set to deliver.

The playful and imaginative nature of his music is in part inspired by periods of clinically diagnosed psychosis and the experiences stemming from the use of psychedelic substances such as Magic Mushrooms, LSD and DMT. The epiphanic nature of his hallucinations have found a natural conduit in his music and add to the ethereal quality of his sound. This is really music to sit and ponder: guaranteed to having you floating across the cosmos for hours after.