Alex Scheuerer’s Jazz Guitar Album Avoids Landing in Limbo

Alex Scheuerer’s latest album may be entitled “Between Heaven and Earth” but that’s in no way to imply that it’s sat on the fence or in limbo. Alex’s distinctively crisp guitar playing is the exceptional fulcrum around which this sumptuous collection of tracks rotates. Whilst employing a minimal rehearsal technique to keep the sound fresh and alive, the playing and arrangements still feel effortless, whether playing his carefully-crafted original tracks or covering sounds as varied as Diamonds by Rihanna or Edith Piaf’s timeless, La Vie en Rose.

Taking his Lebanese roots (courtesy of his mother) as a basis on which to lay the foundations of his music (“A country so beautiful it could be heaven but is unfortunately torn apart by nearby conflicts” as he eloquently puts it), his journey also factors in his father’s Swiss lineage (where Alex was also born) as well as his current home in London. Perhaps it is these geographical factors – the wide open spaces; the balance between chaos and tranquility which have had the biggest impact on his sound.

Employing the services of chanteuse, Najwa Ezzaher, who found fame in France as a semi-finalist on The Voice, the album is mastered by Andrew Tulloch, who has worked with the likes of Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse and Jamie Cullum. Both introspective and inoffensively experimental, it’s an album well worth looking out for.