Emily Jean Flack to Release New Sound of Electro Folk, Throwing Shapes

Canadian, Emily Jean Flack’s passion for traditional Irish music has led to her most accomplished work yet, showcasing her gorgeously pure vocals and the Celtic music she has grown up with, whilst injecting uber-cool electronic textures – a genre-spanning mix which defies expectation and delivers on every level. Throwing Shapes is the forthcoming EP from Emily Jean Flack, five tracks which see her demonstrating her place as one of the artists to watch in 2019. Bridging the traditional sounds of her homeland in Ontario and those of her current home in Limerick, yet still sounding utterly fresh and contemporary, Throwing Shapes is the new sound of electro-folk.

Vocalist, musician, songwriter and dancer, Emily Jean Flack, has spent her life being surrounded by music and musicians but has always been keen to express her influences in a way which is entirely her own. Honing her craft whilst studying for a Masters in Traditional Irish Music at the University of Limerick, her musical lineage is impeccable, daughter of Denise Flack, member of the ground-breaking Celtic pop band, Leahy.

“Although I come from a traditional instrumental folk background, I’ve always listened to so many other styles of music. And my own music has always been more personal, more modern and more contemporary. Being in Ireland is wonderful in the sense that it’s so culturally rich, but there is a ferocity and sense of independence within the music. It’s not cute or quaint. It’s quite raw and organic. Ireland has offered me an environment to openly make the music that moves me,” Flack said.

Produced in Belfast by Pete Wallace and mixed by three-time Grammy Award winning producer/mixer David Bottrill (Tool; Peter Gabriel), Throwing Shapes also featured guest performances by true stars in the firmament of Irish folk music, whistle and flute player Brian Finnegan from the band Flook and guitarist Marty Barry.

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