Indie-Rockers Keemosabe Drop Their Punchy New EP

Raw, gritty riffs and funky rhythms are of no short supply in Keemosabe’s new self-titled debut EP. Emerging from a small town near Italy’s Lake Maggiore, the Italian indie-rockers undoubtedly belie their tranquil suburban home by injecting their music with big city energy.

Merging energetic grooves, powerful riffs and pop melodies, the Italian four cater to lovers of the likes of Foals and The Black Keys and show no sign of subtlety in their daring infusions – and have no need for it either.

The 4-track EP comprises of music that allows no dip of enthusiasm, with the first track ‘Out of The City’ already scooping the top prize at the Roma Videoclip Awards, the most prestigious festival for music videos in Italy, a video equally as punchy as the track.

Having recorded and mastered their EP at Abbey Road Studios, the band were subsequently invited to perform a live show at the fabled Studio One. Their London dates have already proved a huge success, selling out both The Islington and Servant’s Jazz Quarters, whilst their popularity in Milan has seen them play at the city’s largest venues, including the 3,000-capacity Alcatraz.