Suicide and other comforts – Rock opera set to confront them all!

In a bold attempt to interpret, both visually and aurally, the deepest and darkest human impulses, Romanian playwright Tibor Molnar‘s ambitious rock-opera Cruel, is set for the stage in a one-off performance at London’s Troxy on 22nd October. Told through four characters, audiences are led through a moral maze of love, lust, judgement and tragedy to find their life’s destiny. With an acute focus on psyche and inner turmoil, we step through their emotional universe on a journey through their thoughts, doubts and temptations and further controversial topics such as suicide and self-harm.

Relationships are often complex in nature, and this story has opted to focus on both ends of a vibrant spectrum. One one side, the partner to whom he has agreed an eternal bond, and on the other, one he covets who also has a life-threatening illness. Exploring themes of morality, right and wrong and lust, the piece is staged with equal and fluid focus between the musicians, visual elements, the actors and performers. As the male character is hinted to have thoughts of suicide as the performance opens, the dramatic tension is sustained as he becomes torn between his various impulses.

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The Cruel show brings together some artists with exceptional voices, such as from Alexandru Arnautu Vraciu – known following impressive appearances in television shows such as Voice of Romania or XFactor, and also Raluca Stoica – whose extraordinary voice is well suited to jazz, pop-rock or classic singing. The remaining roles have been taken by Andy Ghost, vocalist of the famous Romanian band ALTAR, and also heavy metal artist of Hungarian origin Sara Hajdu.

From Schubert to death-metal, Cruel is an ambitious musical project that will largely be staged as a rock concert, but also very theatrical in its use of choreography and symbolism. Musically staged combining a church organ with a full rock band, a string quartet and four of Transylvania’s top rock vocalists, Tibor Molnar’s original script will be brought to life through the vision of artistic director Cezar Ghioca – the only Romanian theatre director specialising in musicals having studied in the United States while also holding a Ph.D in theatre from the Bucharest National University of Theatre Arts and Film.

Created by Tibor Molnar

Directed by Cezar Ghioca


Raluca Stoica – soprano

Andy Ghost – baritone

Alexandru Arnautu – tenor

Sara Hajdu – alto

Chordis string quartet

Lehel Lorinczi – organist