Blind Passion is Devon-Sent Horizonz Anthems for the Modern Dad

Artist: Horizonz

Title: Better
Days – released 5th July

F.F.O: Dire Straits; REM; Coldplay

Bringing back anthemic singalong choruses is Horizonz, a Devon-based band determined to mastermind a return to the audience-pleasing stadium pop-rock sounds which seem in danger of disappearing from the musical landscape. Having overcome venues’ demands that they play covers rather than their own material, their confidence in their self-written tracks is more than justified, the band’s musicianship and knack for nailing a melody immediately obvious in their latest single, Better Days. With a soaring chorus and yearning vocals, it already feels like it’s ready to be sung by festival audiences for years to come.

Horizonz are Rob (guitar/vocals); Jason (keyboards/backing vocals); Patrick (bass) and Gavriil (drums) all of whom have previously played in bands in the South West of England, with the exception of Gavriil who reached the dizzy heights of X Factor in Romania! Though you would never guess, Jason’s skill on the keyboards is regardless of the fact he is completely self-taught…and completely blind. So easy is this to forget that the band themselves often have to remind themselves to guide him off-stage at the end of gigs! All this fades into the background when confronted with the music which has the effortless glide of Dire Straits and the urgent anthems of REM – Horizonz are a band impossible to date, as much 1982 as 2022.

Devon is the homeland of such giants as Muse, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Ben Howard, its apparent isolation from the hotbeds of music in the nation’s larger cities clearly stifling none of the creativity. Now looking to spread their wings and bring their ‘music for the modern dad’ to a wider audience, Horizonz are ready made for festivals and car playlists for summer holidays.





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