EDM Meets Film Noir with Mai Eve’s When You Scream

Artist: Mai Eve

Title: Silverscreen

Lead Track: When You Scream

When you think of EDM you’re unlikely to immediately conjure up images of long shadows, rain-soaked streets and dark brooding characters but electro duo Mai Eve’s first release, When You Scream, does just that. Combing a rock structure with EDM beats and echoes of the 80s synth scene, this is Dark Dance Music with meaningful lyrics and genuine musicianship. Welcome to a new world of hard-boiled dance music.

Though the beat and melody of
When You Scream is uplifting, the subject matter of the track is something far deeper
and darker. Telling the story of an abusive relationship from the woman’s
perspective, it’s typical of Mai Eve’s fusing of traditional dance elements
with earthier themes and techniques. This includes the use of analogue synths
to give hints of a sound which though based in the present, leans on the
titanic electro sounds of the 1980’s. With the addition of a Steinway piano
played by legendary 90’s pop-dance producer, Andy Whitmore, as well as a moody,
film noir-esque video which marries perfectly with the song, this is dance
music reinvented for an audience who want entertainment with feeling.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaiEve.EDM

Website: www.maieve.com