King Conga! Multi-Award Winner Kid Creole Announces New Label Venture

Brit Award Winner (International Artist)

albums, 7 comps, 27 singles

“a proper pop star, someone beamed in from somewhere rather more glittery than here”. The Quietus

“Mr August Darnell is a person we scarcely seem to deserve, an unusually conscientious and industrious writer, composer, arranger, producer, player, singer, stage manager, character, bon vivant”. NME’s legendary interview

“Having been signed
to every label known to mankind (Island, Warner Bros., EMI, RCA, Sony, Sire,
etc), I decided that I couldn’t do a job any worse than ‘they’ did. Cue –

Ok, to be fair, it
wasn’t all bad. Chris Blackwell and Seymour Stein and Tommy Mottola were great
believers in Creolism. I enjoyed enormous success with each of them at the
helm. But when the industry exploded and physical copies of my great songs were
no longer needed, I realised that the Record Company dinosaur was about to die

That’s when I decided to be my own dinosaur. I called upon my song-writing partner, Peter Schott and my wife, Eva Tudor-Jones and convinced them to join me on a foolish adventure called START YOUR OWN LABEL”.

Kid Creole,
with 4 decades of worldwide hits with his band, The Coconuts,
including “Stool Pigeon”, “Annie, I’m Not your Daddy” and “I’m a Wonderful
Thing Baby”, the Sultan of Suave, the High Priest of Hip and the Prince of
Pizazz is proud to announce the official launch of his record label 2C2C, a home for both his own music and for those who
refuse to be categorised and pigeon-holed. Kid Creole and the Coconuts is a
band who introduced Latin, Calypso and Jive to a brand-new audience, crossing
genres and breaking boundaries throughout their always uplifting releases.

Short for “Too Cool to Conga”, the label is a
project Kid has created with Mama Coconut, Eva Las
and long-time Coco-keyboardist and song-writer Peter Schott and is the perfect reflection of an artist
who has always delivered and has always been impossible to truly define.
Imagine a magical world where Kid Creole is King and every day is a ticker-tape
parade, Mardi Gras and Christmas. Welcome to 2C2C.

“2C2C is all about new music that defies categorization. I know what it’s like for people not to ‘get’ your music and that’s why I want to help others like me who aren’t afraid of making new music that breaks he old-fashioned rule. As we all know, all it takes is one HIT single to turn a new record company into an EMPIRE. That’s the dream. And I have always been a dreamer”.

Born in the Bronx (that’s
in New York city for the less travelled types) and claiming to have DNA from 23
nations, August Darnell is the son of Caribbean and Italian parents, adopting
the name Kid Creole (inspired by the Elvis film) in 1980. Exposed in his
childhood to the melting pot of sounds in New York, Kid’s music is as
influenced by Latin, disco, calypso and funk sounds as it is the British
Invasion and Cab Calloway.

Assembling his band, the
Coconuts were an ever-evolving band, sometimes numbering over a dozen musicians
from around the world. Augmented by The Coconuts themselves, a glamourous
female trio who acted as the perfect foil to Kid’s zoot-suited, cartoon
personae, a mask for an artist who was always incredibly well-read, incisive, irreverent
and unafraid to break with conventions of all levels. Enjoying huge success
around the world for nearly 40 years, the band have so far released 15 albums,
7 compilations and 27 singles.

2C2C’s first release was a Kid Creole single called ‘Do Yourself a Favor’ featuring the vocals of his daughter, Savanna, ( Following this was entitled ‘You Don’t Know Me’ ( which was a collaboration with Tim Vine (a Kid Creole musician), whose own band is called The Electric Diplomat. Their third single ‘Right Here’ featured a new up-and-coming artist named Tchengiz ( which brings us up to the present, where the next releases promise even more eclectic sounds.

Set for September are a
brand-new Kid Creole and the Coconuts single, ‘Checkin’ My Colonies’ produced
by the artist Youngr (who happens to be the Kid’s son!) and ‘Being’ by a new group called Schott
, taking the listener on
a journey through classic noir cinema.






For more information, please contact or call 01223 844 440