Dux to Release Hugely Anticipated Solo Debut at Legendary Brixton Venue

Artist: Dux

Title: We Made
It – EP Released 11th October

Lead Track: Thought
We Were Done?

F.F.O: Rakim; Eminem

October 10th – EP launch
event at the Chip Shop, Brixton

The long-awaited solo release from Coalescent MC, Dux, is finally here, a typically hi-octane, feel-good slab of 90’s inspired hip-hop. The lead track from their forthcoming EP is Thought We Were Done, a much-needed reawakening of the upbeat 90’s lyrical hip-hop style with a modern UK twist, Dux’s EP, We Made It, is launched at Brixton’s legendary hip-hop outpost, The Chip Shop on 10th October.

Favourites with Radio 1Xtra, Coalescent had already introduced
a more lyrical style to the London hip-hop scene but with half of the duo, Dux’s
forthcoming solo work, there’s even more emphasis on reintroducing a style of
hip-hop which was being routinely overlooked in favour of darker styles:

The new generation of rappers in the UK seem to be focussed on Grime, Drill and Dancehall music whereas I bring a different vibe with complex lyricism and rhyming as well as 90s inspired beat production. Listeners of my music have described it as a unique sound that brings the golden age of Hip Hop and rap to the modern-day”.

Now based in Kent, though originally from Croydon, a last-minute decision to study music rather than design and technology has led to Dux’s career as a hip-hop artist, having continued his studies at University in Kingston. Choosing to launch his debut solo EP at Brixton’s Chip Shop, a venue previously seeing stars such as Chuck D, Ice T and Large Professor perform, Dux is mixing the best of old skool with his own inimitable style.

Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/coalescentmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dux_coalescent