A Trip You’ll Never Forget – ADRENACHROME Release ‘The Power of Nightmares’

After their years spent on the Acid House party scene in Manchester during the late 1990’s, Sam Souls and Steve Chrome got a taste for success, playing in critically acclaimed bands within the music industry. However, they soon became disillusioned with the fickle nature of the business and parted ways. Now, after a long hiatus, they return ready to release their debut album ‘Here On Earth’.

‘The Power of Nightmares’ is their first single, showing new inspirations and a different soundscape altogether. Adding electronic elements and syncopated rhythms to their thought-provoking lyrics, the duo seem to have re-invented themselves.

The track is a result of much hard work, as well as some out-there writing methods, including MMA and flotation therapy tanks. But whatever the method – there is no question that ADRENACHROME have arrived with truly unique style.

Single Released 25th October – Under Electric Hush Records

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