Explosive New Song and Video from Phonix Explores Themes of Oppressive Relationships

On the surface, the catchy new track My Love and My Teacher from Italian born electro-pop prodigy Phonix is an upbeat earworm mixing the beats of top club tunes with sharp and energetic vocals.

When you dig a bit deeper Phonix’s tune is unlike the superficial content found in most of the songs with similar sounds you find playing on a night out. My Love and My Teacher delves deep into themes of dysfunctional and oppressive relationships, the lyrics describing a lover whose expectations in a relationship come with the desire to control and have authority over the other.

The theme of an emotionally abusive relationship is further explored in the newly released video for My Love and My Teacher. The music video, which features Phonix himself alongside up and coming teen drama star Caitlin-Rose lacey, depicts a couple with a troubled relationship. Representing the extreme emotions that people in relationships experience, leading to crimes of passion if untamed, the couple flicker between states of lust and loathing. The video resolves with a light-hearted laughter-filled scene following intense conflict between the couple, concluding that love and compassion prevails and that perhaps sometimes we let our emotions take over and cloud what is truly important.

Watch the video for My Love and My Teacher now!

This honest depiction of modern relationships makes Phonix’s track and video a powerful and hard-hitting piece, which is sure to resonate with individuals and couples across the globe.