Relatable & Raw: Singing Soldiers take a deep look into the effects of mental health

The Singing Soldiers defy
expectation at every juncture – their musical skill is undeniable, their spine-chilling
harmonies and contemporary, outlaw country style as well as their infectious
personalities are undeniable but are at odds with the trauma they have lived
through and continue to battle against. Both Graham Trude
and Chris Earl have been directly
affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition which impacts immeasurably
on not only the sufferer but the family and friends around them. Determined to
quash the stigma and misconceptions of the condition and to give hope and
inspirations to others around the world, Frontline Soldiers is a single which
will resonate with people from all backgrounds – touching, moving, profound yet
uplifting, it’s a song which begs to be heard.

Singing Soldiers: Graham Trude and Chris Earl

This is not a charity single made up of assembled supporters, nor a twee cover version by overly auto-tuned amateurs. This is the real deal, two music professionals and members of the Canadian armed forces who have joined together to put across a message of hope to those affected by PTSD – a number which according to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, exceeds 354 million people worldwide. Graham Trude is an Afghanistan Veteran and First Responder diagnoses with complex PTSD from his experiences and Chris Earl is a current serving military member who has family members struggling with PTSD. Chris and Graham are both signed Nashville Recording Artists and professional musicians who found each other and dedicated themselves to healing trauma through music therapy.

An insight into the Singing Soldiers

Already selling out large venues in their home country, The Singing Soldiers deliver an experience that can only be born out of experience. It is an evening of laughing and crying and relatable REAL-LIFE material that help our listeners know we truly understand.

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