Humphrey’s Solo Debut Album Concentrates on the Subject Closest to his Heart…Himself

Belfast-based MASK frontman, Humphrey,
has released his debut solo album, Taming Demons. Featuring the critically
acclaimed stomping lead single, What Goes Around, which received
significant attention from Hot Press, this album sees him taking stock
of his life through creative, heartfelt song-writing.

A combination of
anxiety, self-doubt and the uncontrollable actions of others left Humphrey
physically and emotionally shattered and vowing to leave music entirely for six
months. Only one month in, he realised that the desire to create was greater
than he realised, teaming up once again with MASK producer, Michael Mormecha
to produce something more personal than ever before. His modern twist on
classic song-writing sees him taking inspiration of his hero’s Ray Davies
and Van Morrison to modern day artists such as Dan Auerbach and Alex

Each of Humphrey’s songs deal with one of the
trials he’s gone through to resolve his inner turmoil: the betrayal of Kiss
& Tell
; Flying Free’s reflections on alcohol abuse and the 50’s
inspired Forget Me Not, building to the album’s widescreen epic
conclusion, the Bond theme-in-the-making, Lasts Forever.

Taming Demons is a reconciliation with the demons
of the past – the things which have made him the person he is today. Profound,
affecting and inspirational, Taming Demons is Humphrey at the peak of his