Estelle California Releases the Ultimate Love Song to a Nation

Estelle California‘s escape from her home nation of France led to not only new surroundings, but a new name. She loved California so much, she changed her name as a tribute.

After a life full of suffering, her success and musical career is a testament to her inner strength. Regularly having dealt with physical and mental abuse and living in a neighborhood which had an inherently racist mentality, it’s no surprise Estelle wanted to leave it all behind.

Her upcoming release, Black is the True Light, is a tribute to the African American and African communities around the world who have constantly battled against division and hatred.

“This song is the biggest love song I could have ever dreamed to have. It is my love, purpose and my duty to shine the black glory and the light of resilience that comes out of the darkness”.

Estelle California

From the EP, My Name is Freedom, the track sees her backed by legendary producer and drummer Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston; Mariah Carey; Lionel Richie); ace guitarist Vernon “Ice” Black (Diana Ross, Anastacia; Babyface); James Henry and veteran vocalists Larry Batiste, Cornell Carter and Tony Lindsay.

Black is the True Light is released 8th November.