Italian DJ Inspired by GOT Quote – Without Realizing!

Moving to UK from Italy, at the tender age of 19, Marco had big dreams to build a career in music, even if it meant breaking away from his home and his family. Having started performing and exploring his musical talents from 16 years old, it was in London where he developed his sound and experience, playing across the capital. Working as a deliveryman to fund his aspirations, the DJ began cross-continental collaborations with artists from all over the globe to create exciting new material.

Keep your eyes peeled as the new track is set to drop anywhere between early to mid-November!

See below for a taste of what Marco’s music is like! If you listen carefully – Marco’s a snippet from the new track I Drink and I Know Things is teased at the beginning of the music video for La Francesita!

Find Marco on social media for more music and future updates!