Kelsey Emerges as Contender to Halsey’s Crown

It’s quite possible there’s something in the water in New Jersey. With Halsey already one of the biggest breakthrough acts with both sexes, another from the same state emerges. Kelsey may only just have started university but her story is strewn with the kinds of obstacles many only face over the course of a lifetime.

What sets Kelsey apart from the very beginning is her honesty; the raw quality of her as a performer, regardless of the studio polish, always shines through. Her self-written tracks reflect circumstances she herself has lived through – there’s no mythology here – this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. The songs often tackle difficult subjects head-on, whether they be the loss of those close to you or mental health issues, though the deftness of the music never allows them to become stodgy or preachy in any way…thankfully.

Kelsey’s combination of true life and ethereal pop can be experienced on her debut single, due imminently, called Nobody. A song about the everyday horror of wanting someone who doesn’t want you anymore.; of trying to move on when someone you love suddenly becomes a stranger; of dealing with the pain of knowing they’re with other people. It’s a ghost story of being haunted by the memories of someone who doesn’t care to remember you at all.