Following success of new single on Spotify, Gavin Luke gains spot of Scala Radio’s playlist!

Having already amassed a healthy 60K streams on Spotify for his new single ‘In Search Of Home’, Gavin Luke has just had the new single added to the Scala Radio’s playlist. With brilliant feedback from the presenters hailing Gavin’s feel for atmosphere and emotion, his music speaks for itself.

With a delicate solo piano doused in reverb throughout the track (accompanied only by the momentary ultra subtle plucked strings), Gavin often places felt between the hammers and the strings on his piano to create a more muted and delicate tone, something which is very effective in ‘In Search Of Home’. It’s a haunting, thought provoking piece of music that almost demands you stop what you are doing and stare wistfully into space.

Reminiscent of BBC 6 Music favourite Olafur Arnolds as well as some of the more delicate parts of Hans Zimmer‘s Inception score ‘Time’, Gavin is releasing track after track of beautiful piano lead atmosphere. Having made a name for himself as a composure and pianist, writing for film soundtracks as well as having an impressive five albums under his belt, Gavin has a strikingly complete sound that will surely see him land a blockbuster soundtrack sooner rather than later!