Omosefe Looks to Inspire Unity Through Music and Hieroglyphic Art

Artist: Omosefe

Title: Why

Release: Album
Release 3rd January 2020

Lead Track: Do
Your Dance; Why Pretend; Do You Really Care

Nigeria to Italy to America, Omosefe has found himself frustrated by the
negativity from both political and religious leaders and has resolved to bring
people together in a two-pronged attack – both with his music and his art. As a
music producer, singer-songwriter, and a “figurative artist” he seeks to show
not what divides us as cultures and communities but what unites us, bringing
elements from across his travels to both artforms.

been raised in Nigeria, it was in Italy whilst as a student of architecture
that Omosefe first began to demonstrate his musical abilities, playing in bands
alongside such national luminaries as Fiorella Manoia and Mia Martini
but always feeling that his own vocal style needed perfecting. It wasn’t until
his move to Chicago and a fruitless attempt to recruit a vocalist for his
material that he found he had now developed a singing voice which perfectly fit
his material, which ranged from Afro-pop inflected melodies through to more
expansive rock sounds which featured elements from the likes of U2 and Depeche

Alongside his music, Omosefe has also developed a painting style based on the use of symbols and iconography – much like Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Through the use of simple shapes and symbols, all committed to canvas with acrylic, Omosefe sets out to show that whatever our backgrounds, we all are fundamentally made of the same simple connective traits. Alongside the forthcoming album, Why Pretend, to be released early in 2020, the spirituality and positivity of Omosefe can be experienced throughout his work as he continues to inspire others, whatever differences that may appear to be on the surface.