Omosefe is an artist in all senses of the word. Using his music and his art, he aims to bring people together to eliminate the negativity caused by political and religious leaders around the world.

After moving from Nigeria, to Italy, to America, he aims to show what unites cultures and communities, his works inspired by his travels. While studying architecture in Italy, Omofese began playing in bands alongside national successes like Fiorella Manoia and Mia Martini, never feeling his own work was ready to share with the world. However, after moving to Chicago, the Afro-pop artist soon realized the only singing voice which perfectly fit his material was his own.

His debut album, Why Pretend, was released early this month, in which “the spirituality and positivity of Omosefe can be experienced throughout his work as he continues to inspire others, whatever differences that may appear to be on the surface”.

Omosefe‘s artwork is based on symbols and iconography – as if inspired by Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Simple shapes and symbols are created with acrylic paint to display the ‘simple connective traits’ that exist in all people, no matter their background.

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