Religious Scholar Turns to Music and Nursing to Preach “The Message”

Εuangelion | Ευαγγέλιοn – Greek for “message”
or “the messenger” – is a crossover Hip Hop/Reggae artist from British
Columbia, Canada. Describing his life as “‘kaleidoscopic’ at best and ‘interestingly
colourful’ at worst”, his music is aimed at encouraging audiences to question
everything around them, from people to philosophies to institutions. This is in
keeping with Euangelion’s commitment to life, as both holder of a degree in religion
and his career in the nursing industry, with the lead track from his album, Ode
to Health Care Workers
, being his own tribute to those who dedicate their
lives to others.

“I would like to share glimpses of my past, where I’m at in life at this time and hopeful dreams of the future”

Self Belief – Euangelion

Euangelion’s music is direct, punchy and energetic, with a charismatic
flow which recalls some of the greats of the Hip Hop and Reggae genre,
including Nas, Eminem, Shabba Ranks or Raekwon. Euangelion
is known for his uncommon blend of Hip-Hop and Reggae – which allow him to
tantalise his audience with unique textures, engaging lyrics and infectious
lines. This skilled artist has a distinctive lyrical flow with a stunning feel,
drifting on the groove perfectly.

Euangelion original hails from
Montego Bay, Jamaica, where in his own words he,

“Skipped school from time to time,
smoking bongs and chanting psalms, wanting to change the world and make it a
better place. This set me on the course I’m now on”.

The graduate of the Northern Caribbean University with a bachelor’s degree in Religion decided to return to his roots in music after working as a member of the clergy for some years, where he officiated at funerals and baptisms. He is now dedicated to creating a music that is richly unique, ethical and cerebral.