Chic’s Nile Rodgers Hails Ace Italian Guitarist, Alberto Lombardi, As a True Great!

“The record is killing, such great musicianship!” Nile

“Fantastic guitar player! Wow, this is such a beautiful piece of music!” Bob Clearmountain

celebrity fans such as Chic’s Nile Rodgers and legendary engineer, Bob
(Bruce Srpingsteen; David Bowie; Rolling
), Alberto Lombardi has already won legions of fans with his
expressive guitar playing and rich song writing but his latest single, “Start
, looks to catapult him in front of even larger audiences. “Start
Again” is a an intense and profound single which has at its lyrical heart some of
the most beautiful lines from Dante’s Inferno, whilst Alberto’s extraordinary
guitar work is nothing short of revelatory, a fitting showcase for one of
Stratocaster’s greatest living exponents.

song “Start Again” is a rich, epic ballad with beautiful guitar work and intense
lyrics about a new fresh start. Some of the words are based on lines in The
Inferno, by Italian poet, Dante. Dante imagines that Ulysses sails to unknown
shores with his men, instead of going back to Itaca and leads them beyond the
pillars of Hercules where the world was believed to end. His speech to convince
them to endure the challenge is a milestone in literature and shines a light on
the human soul and its infinite capabilities.

Ma per seguir virtute
e canoscenza
” [“we were born to pursue
virtue and knowledge”]

with a sumptuous video, it shimmers with the ageless sound of bands like The
and a Sting-like vocal, yet feels completely contemporary –

home on both acoustic and electric guitar and as a session player, Alberto
Lombardi has made his name playing at guitar festivals around the world, from
All Star Guitar Night in America to huge shows in Germany and Portugal and the
legendary San Siro and Olimpico Stadiums in Italy.. His records have received acclaim
from the undisputed master of acoustics Tommy Emmanuel (“…sounds beautiful,
your guitar-playing and arrangements are very powerful!”), but also from major
international magazines such as Acoustic Guitar, Fingerstyle Journal, Vintage guitar,
Minor 7th and Acoustic Guitar. He is currently touring with his Alberto Lombardi
Stratocaster Tribute
where he plays the great music of artists related to the
iconic guitar, legends such as Clapton, Hendrix, Gilmour
and Jeff Beck.

Praise for Alberto Lombardi:

“Alberto Lombardi’s debut
solo project titled ‘Birds’ is a joy…a wonderful recording.. a very impressive
and creative guitarist” – Bill Piburn, Fingerstyle Journal

“Acoustic Maestro…thrilling
acoustic work. The Italian ace deploys his immense technique to serve the song,
not the reverse” – Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Italian Fingerstyle Master”, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

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