The Dixie Chicks ditch ‘Dixie’

Texan trio The Dixie Chicks have changed their name and removed ‘Dixie’ from it to now be known as ‘The Chicks’. The move is as a result of wanting to highlight racial injustice in the US due to the connatations that ‘Dixie’ has with the Confederate States of America during the US Civil War era.

The Country band have also released a new protest single ‘March March’ to coincide with this name change which video includes protest footage from the past and present.

The Chicks name change comes after fellow country band Lady A (formerly Lady Antebellum) dropped Antebellum because of its association with the slavery-era in U.S. history and marks a continuation of the music industry standing up for racial inequality in the US following the death of George Floyd.

In a statement on their website The Chicks wrote “We want to meet this moment”.