The Purple Shoes release their new album Small Town Fairy Tales

Small Town Fairy Tales dropped on the 18th June 2020, the songs consisting of timeless mix of deftly-crafted melodies. The Purple Shoes members are Marie Dance; singer and guitarist, Michael Bickers and aided and abetted by double-bassist Richard Dadson and Theseus Gerard on drums and household percussion. The South coast of England’s best-kept musical secret is shortly to let loose on a world which is sure to embrace the folk-rock dreamworld. What is so likeable about the album is that each track holds a message behind it.

Listen to their new album here:

Small Town Fairy Tales 

1. Strange. To start the album, this modern folk track is dedicated to the “unusual” people in society. The ones you would call characters, with individual views and ways of dealing with the world around them. 

2. Good Morning (Is It Over?)  This track is about the end of a party and not wanting it to end, it could also be perceived as a euphemism for the end of something good, like a relationship.

3. Heartbreaker 

4. Small Town Fairy Tale. This track is a conversation between an addict and someone who loves the addict dearly and want to see them free from the powerful forces of addiciton.

5. Rain Has Gone 

6. Angel Shoes 

7. Melody’s Eyes 

8. I See You. This track is a conversation between two people, discussing the the issues of loneliness and the needing to break free from the trappings of a small home town. 

9. He Holds On 

10. Santa Cruz Santa Cruze was written on a hotel roof top in Santa Cruze, Spain. The Purple Shoes failed to find a bar with any atmosphere or live music. They finished the whole song and then decided to go out one more time in search of a party.  By luck, they found a small little bar with excitement and befriended some Australians who invited them to a boat party the next evening.

11. Born to Play 

12. Ophelia