F.F.O: Cream; The Who; The Rolling Stones

The Central American rock band Steady Rollin’ are back with their never-more appropriate single ‘I Feel Alive’. Inspired by rock icons Cream, The Who and The Rolling Stones, Steady Rollin’s aspirations have brought them from El Salvador to travelling and performing worldwide in America and Europe.

Singer and guitarist, Fernando Poma, explains the new track’s origins:

“I Feel Alive is a very innocent love song about two teenagers who meet each other randomly on a holiday and almost instantly fall in love and spend a whole night together dancing under the stars, going into a closed amusement park, before they each go their own way the following day”

Listen to the new track on Spotify here.

‘I Feel Alive’ is the latest single from the band’s upcoming debut album ‘Love & Loss’ – 10 tracks which tell love-related stories from Fernando’s real-life experiences to a musical backing which twists between emotional blues, agile, sinuous rock and a squall of alternative power.

Already receiving high praise from the likes of New Noise, Music Week and with Radio X regularly playing their anthems, we are sure that Steady Rollin’ are destined for success. We can’t wait to hear more from the guys from El Salvador!

Steady Rollin’s debut album ‘Love & Loss’ is set to be released on strictly limited-edition vinyl in time for Christmas in the UK with a full tour planned in support once live gigs can resume safely.

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